10 Safety Tips To Survive in NYC

Central park NYC is Not SafeCentral Park NYC – Not Safe

New York City is not a safe place notwithstanding what a billionaire Mayor or an ambitious Police Commissioner might delude you into believing.

Danger lurks everywhere in NYC.

Just that you don’t see it until it whacks you hard.

By then it’s too late and the cleanup folks are scooping your remains into a body bag.

Old women are getting raped in broad daylight in Central Park.

Don’t believe me?

Here read this account of a 73-year-old woman raped, assaulted and robbed in Central park.

A few days later, a 21-year-old woman was raped twice in Hudson River Park.

Murder, rape, purse snatching, robbery, assault, mugging, laptop theft, cell-phone snatching and a host of other crimes happen in NYC with monotonous frequency.

Just because the official statistics show low crime don’t be fooled into believing that New York City is a safe place.

NYC is not safe today. It wasn’t in the past, it won’t be in the future.

Bear in mind that the New York Police Department is notorious for fudging the figures to show low crime.

NYC – 10 Safety Tips

New York City is a mighty dangerous place where at the worst most everyone wishes you ill and at the best no one cares what happens to you.

Your well being and safety rests in your hands.

From the bottomless well of kindness in my heart, I offer 10 safe tips to survive in NYC:

1. Always assume that everyone in NYC is a criminal who’s out to get you. Know that appearances are mighty deceptive. Watch out for Grandma sitting next to you on the train because she has designs on your purse.

2. Do not assume that daylight guarantees safety in prominent places. A 73-year-old woman was raped, robbed and assaulted by a homeless man in broad daylight in Central Park.

3. On NYC subway stations, stand far behind when the train is approaching. I am not joking but some whackos have pushed people into the path of speeding commuter trains.

4. Do not make eye contact with strangers. There are too many nut-jobs, homeless people bitter about their condition and crazies lurking around with a single-minded determination of harming someone. Don’t be the sacrificial lamb.

5. Do not flaunt your iPhone 5, iPad or glittering jewelry in subway station or on the street. Young hooligans have been known to attack elderly people and steal their cell phones. Like bees to honey, visible costly possessions tend to attract bad elements.

6. Do not open your hotel or home door unless you can see who is outside.

7. Even if you’re desperately horny, do not pick up strangers for sex. God gave you two hands for those desperate moments! 😉

8. Dress modestly in public. Even if you have an insatiably wanton urge to display your hot body to the drooling eyes of a million strangers, control yourself. Sluttishly dressed people are like a magnet to bad elements. I don’t want to see your bra strap and most definitely not your panties.

9. Do not provoke the ire of people by photographing them if they are engaged in ‘dirty’ activities like masturbating, stealing etc. Since the criminals have plenty of time on their hands, they’ll come and get you.

10. If you think you’re in danger, approach the nearest cop and start screaming ‘Help‘ at the top of your voice. That’s the only thing that will jolt a disinterested NYC cop lazily sipping a big fat cup of Dunkin Donut Coffee into action.

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