NYC Toilets – Bloomberg’s Greatest Failure

NYC Toilets – Bloomberg’s Greatest Failure

I know, I know.

Given the embarras de richesses of former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s failures, it’s hard to pick one.

Let’s consider the snooty billionaire mayor’s most glaring failure – Constructing more toilets in New York City.

The world’s greatest (supposedly) city has far too few public toilets.

NYC – Too Few Toilets

In a distant era (2002) and just after he became the Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg talked the big talk on toilets.

Bloomberg mentioned toilets as one of his top three priorities (education and the budget were the others).

Following up on his promise, in 2005 the Bloomberg administration grandly announced that New Yorkers would get 20 new public toilets.

But Bloomberg, the so called paragon of efficient corporate style management, failed miserably in meeting even the modest target of 20.

By the time, Bloomberg left office, just three of the 20 promised public toilets came up.

Bloomberg is not the first NYC Mayor to fail the Toilet test.

His predecessors David Dinkins and Rudolph W. Giuliani too were big on ‘toilet talk’ but failed to get the job done.

Thanks to the broken toilet promises of three mayors, New Yorkers have to run helter-skleter when ‘nature calls.’

Alas, Starbucks continues to remain NYC’s largest public toilet franchise.

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