NYPD to go Easy on Public Leakers

NYPD to go Easy on Public Leakers

Oh,no, we’re not talking about the Edward Snowden kind of leakers.

We’re speaking of those who urinate in public for fun, as a dare, or because they just can’t hold it any longer.

Or, to be charitable, maybe there was no easily accessible toilet nearby. After all, the human bladder is not infinitely inelastic and one can only hold for so long before the pressure becomes intolerable forcing out a jetstream.

But if you ask me, the blame should fall on the easy, plentiful availability of beer in the city.

NYC – Pissers Paradise

Unlike Singapore where no one would even dream of public urination, NYC is a public pissers paradise despite the offense being a criminal act.

In 2014, 28,609 people (mostly men) were caught in the leaking act and cited for public urination in NYC.

Assuming that only one in three or one in four NYC public leakers get nabbed, there are about 100,000 public pissers in the Big Apple.

While that number might seem disgustingly huge by American standards, it pales into insignificance compared to a country like India where public urination and crapping by both bipeds and quadrupeds is considered a birth right and divine right respectively (remember, the cow is literally a “holy cow” in India entitled to all mischief in the course of its wandering).

Of course, some parts of NYC are piss prone than others.

East Harlem and West Village in Manhattan, Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, Jackson Heights, Corona and Elmhurst in Queens, and Astoria and Long Island City in Queens are the notorious public piss pots of NYC.

Going Easy on Leakers

Public leaking is a misdemeanor, according to NYC’s health code.

And the New York Police Department has not been shy about charging tens of thousands with public leakers with a misdeameanor in the past.

But for some bizarre, unfathomable reason the NYPD is now considering treating public leaking as a mere violation.

Compared to international cities like Singapore, Geneva or Amsterdam, many parts of New York City stink of urine.

Going easy on public urination and considering it a low-level, victim-less offense will only further intensify the stench in the city.

So if New York City starts to stink more than it usually does, you know whom to blame.