Taro Smoothie at TBaar on Eldridge St – Delicious

I do a lot of things on impulse.

Food, drinks, movies, books, even girls. 😉

Hey, my entire life is governed by impulsive behavior, an unending series of impulsive actions.

Just the other day, I was walking down Eldridge St toward East Broadway when my eyes fell over the T Baar bubble tea and smoothie store.

My legs ground to a halt and quickly turned into the small store.

T-Baar Chinatown NYC

T Baar is located diagonally across from my other Eldridge St favorite Yi Zhang.

I quickly checked the T Baar menu pasted on the wall and ordered a Taro smoothie upon the recommendation of the Chinese waitress at the counter.

The girl mentioned that the Taaro smoothie is made from Tapioca.

I opted for the 16-oz version ($3).

There’s also a 24-oz version for $4. Hey, I’m a cheapskate. what do you think I’m gonna pick.

Soon my Taro Smoothie was handed over to me. As requested, it came with less ice.

Taro Smoothie on Edldridge St NYC

In one word, my Taro Smoothie was Delicious.

It has an un-fruit like taste that I relished a great deal.

The purple colored Taro smoothie was neither too sweet nor too watery, just right.

At $3, the Taro Smoothie at T Baar is a bit expensive but I strongly recommend it if you’re hankering for Nirvana.

T Baar
18 Eldridge St
New York, NY 10002