Cheap NYC Hotel Rooms @ Hotel Week

NYC Hotel Week is back again. And with it, comes cheap hotel rooms in the Big Apple. Here’s the list of hotels that are participating in the second NYC Hotel Week and instructions on how to snag the cheap rooms. Hurry, because rooms at these kinda cheap rates in New York City ain’t gonna last […]

10 Safety Tips To Survive in NYC

Central Park NYC – Not Safe New York City is not a safe place notwithstanding what a billionaire Mayor or an ambitious Police Commissioner might delude you into believing. Danger lurks everywhere in NYC. Just that you don’t see it until it whacks you hard. By then it’s too late and the cleanup folks are […]

Cheap Ties in NYC

The great thing about New York City is that there’s room for everyone. Oh, no, I don’t mean room in merely the physical sense. I mean there’s an opportunity for survival, for the majority of people that are drawn to the city. Whether you’re a Ghanian immigrant hustling fake Rolex watches and Rayban shades on Canal […]

Free Power/Electric Outlets in NYC

Anyone who has an iPhone or laptop has experienced the excruciating agony that accompanies a low battery indicator on the iPhone, iPad or laptop. OMG, how can I survive without updating my Facebook Wall. Uh-oh, surely the end of the world! Not to worry, sweetie. Bryant Park Bryant Park in NYC became the first public […]

Free Condoms and Lubricants in NYC

One of the great joys of researching free and cheap stuff in NYC is the pleasure of stumbling upon something you least expect. New York City offers FREE condoms, of both the male and female variety. “Condoms can be fun,” declares the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on its web site. […]

Free English Language Classes in NYC

I don’t know about you but don’t force me to learn a new language in the evening of my life. English is good enough for me at my late stage in life with one foot firmly in the grave. Sure, if you live in Chinatown, Koreatown or any one of the other ethnic enclaves, work […]